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Condition Management Programme


Shaw Trust's Condition Management Programme (CMP) intervention is a cognitive behavioural informed, psycho-educational provision emphasising a self-help approach via a flexible, bespoke and personalised service. It is currently offered to Work Choice clients and can be tailored to fit other commissioning requirements. The CMP intervention allows a client to look at how they currently manage their illness or disability and its negative impact upon their confidence, mood and daily routine. It explores how a client can use SMART action planning in order to achieve behaviour changes that will motivate a return to work. The CMP intervention will explore how working can help clients to overcome their fears and concerns more generally and in relation to everyday life.

A CMP intervention does not attempt to treat health conditions but emphasises psycho education, reassurance, and advice.

We offer this intervention as part of a suite of services offered to Shaw Trust clients.

At Shaw Trust we recognise the full bio-psychosocial aspects of unemployment which includes:

  • Lack of contact with the structure and culture of the working world
  • Lack of confidence and activity
  • Low levels of pre-existing qualifications
  • Over focus on health condition need better understanding
  • Poor coping skills stress and anxiety management
  • Poor healthy living habits diet, exercise

Our Condition Management Programme helps people manage their health or illness, build confidence and motivation and facilitates the journey into the workplace.

Our programme enables clients to take an active part in the process to look at how they currently manage their illness or disability and its negative impact on their confidence, mood and daily routine. It encourages behavioural change that will facilitate them getting and keeping a job using SMART action-planning and goal-setting strategies.  You can read much more about how our Condition Management Programme works by clicking on the link.  You may also like to read about how we have worked with The Christie Hospital in Manchester to help people with cancer.

Shaw Trust encourages people to appreciate what they can do rather than what they can't and we give them the skills to manage their condition.

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