Support for Individuals

Support for individuals

We believe that everyone has the right to work and we will support you with expert advice and practical help to achieve your goals.

Support for individuals

Work support for people with cancer

Emma was in her 2nd year at Sheffield Hallam university when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

We gave Emma reassurance and discussed all the options with her about delaying her course and the fees.

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Managing a disability

We understand that managing a disability in employment may require more than just getting you into the job.

Managing a disability

Case studies

  • Louis Francis: Francis Stone Design

    Shaw Trust's Milton Keynes centre supported Louis Francis to set up his own business, making him the first deaf stone mason in the United Kingdom.

    Louis says: "Without the support of the Work Choice programme, I would not have had the confidence to set up my own business. The scheme equipped me with the skills and know-how to draft a business plan and understand codes of practice, laws and regulations.

    Thanks to the programme, setting up a business went from being a scary pro....

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  • Sharon Free

    When Sharon Free was first referred to Shaw Trust over five years ago via the Suffolk Mental Health team, her outlook and confidence were at rock bottom. She couldn't attend our offices in Lowestoft and instead we went to her.

    Gradually and with much hard work by Sharon she began a cake decorating course at college, finding a passion for the artwork and design that went into it.

    Sharon launched her own cake-decorating business 'Crumbs of Joy' in 2014. Sharon said "This has be....

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  • Richard Drury

    With help from Shaw Trust, Richard Drury who had been unemployed for seven years is back in permanent employment with Yorkshire Fresh Fruit (YFF).

    Richard feels that his life has been fully turned around, "It's a great place to work and the fact that I work 4 days on and then four days off give me the perfect work to family life balance".

    "With a family to support, last Christmas was the first time in years I had looked forward to it because for once I had money to spend whic....

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  • Robert Bunn

    When Robert arrived at our Work Choice office in Portsmouth in October 2012, he was nervous and stressed.  He was being bullied because of his autism and lacking in confidence.

    One year after he was referred to us in Portsmouth, we found him a placement at the Aviary Community Café run by an organisation that offers work environments for people with learning disabilities called The Right to Work

    Robert was able to apply for the Team Leader position and now, one year late....

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