The Work Programme


The Work Programme 

The Work Programme is a Government supported service which can help you prepare for, find and stay in work.

The Work Programme is delivered for Jobcentre Plus by a local provider these may vary depending upon where you live.

Who is eligible?

You may have to take part in this programme and will be informed directly by Jobcentre Plus. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact your local Jobcentre Plus office.

What support is available?

If you are referred to Shaw Trust we will offer you all the support and guidance you need:

Before finding a job:

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  • Calculations to show how you could benefit from being in work
  • Access to employment-related training courses
  • Support with writing a CV, filling out application forms, interview techniques and finding suitable job vacancies
  • Access work experience so that you can decide if the job is right for you
  • Support for people who want to become self-employed

When you find a job:

  • Show you how to prepare yourself for work and to be more independent
  • Help you with ongoing training and other support to enable you to do your job well

Where does Shaw Trust deliver The Work Programme?

Following our merger with CDG in 2012, Shaw Trust now delivers Work Programme as a prime provider in London, and as a tier two provider in London, West Midlands and Hampshire. We are the only charity providing this service in the capital, and one of only two in the rest of the UK.

In East London, Shaw Trust will continue CDG’s work from the past three years in supporting over 46,000 people on their journey into work.

As well as delivering the programme ourselves, we also work with a range of partners to deliver specialist support to those who need it.

Recognising that we need to lead by example, Shaw Trust supports the third sector through our supply chain in East London. For example, of our 14 delivery partners, six are registered charities, four are private companies and two are public sector organisations.

We also provide Work Programme services on behalf of JHP (in Swindon and Weston-Super-Mare), G4S (in North East Yorkshire and Humberside) and Serco (in areas of the West Midlands) and are a subcontractor in six Work Choice areas.

Shaw Trust's Work Programme partners

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If you need further information on this service, please contact your local Jobcentre Plus office.

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