Managing a disability


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Managing a disability

In-work support

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We understand that managing a disability in employment may require more than just getting you into the job. We can continue to provide support and advice to you, and also to your employer, for as long as it is needed after you have started work. We can work in the background or as closely with you as you need. We can also advise your employer and support you through issues that may arise and help you to stay in work.

We can help you with:

If your job comes under threat because of a health problem then Shaw Trust's support services include:

  • An individual development and support plan to maximise your potential
  • Access to learning, training and job coaching if necessary
  • Discussing job re-structuring or redeployment with your employer
  • Job tasters and work experience
  • Guidance on benefits
  • Advice on 'Access to Work' funding and support for workplace modifications or equipment
  • Appropriate training for your managers and colleagues to support your needs in the workplace

Looking for work

Your Job Coach will work with you to develop a personalised action plan that includes a clear job goal and how to achieve it.

Looking for work?

Who we are

Shaw Trust is the UK's largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people. We work in partnership with public sector organisations and provide diverse services for businesses.

Who we are

Our vision and values

Shaw Trust is a charity; it exists to provide support to people who need help to be independent, economically active and to contribute to society. We have a proud history of innovation and leadership on which to build.

Our vision and values
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