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50+ Works

How to Support 50+ Job Seekers

50+ job seekers

Our focus is on the 50+ jobseeker because the success rate of back to work support with this age group has not been as good as with other ages.

Of course, this is not always the case. There are success stories where helpful support has made the difference to someone’s life.

This is where you as an adviser come in. It is why your job is so important.

We want you to succeed in helping 50+ people back to work. We feel sure you are committed, otherwise, why would you be visiting this guide? Some of you will already have considerable expertise in supporting this age group while others may be new to the role. But sometimes a bit of extra knowledge and some useful sources of information can make a difference.

That’s what we are offering in 50+ Works: ideas, tips, case studies, guidance on good practice and background information.

You are working at the frontline, providing back to work support to those that need help. A lot hangs on your commitment and professionalism.

The material in this guide has been provided by people like you, who do your kind of work at the frontline. Our role was to find out what you and your colleagues needed and what you knew. So, 50+ Works is a way of sharing know-how and experience.

We hope it won’t stop there. Please tell us how useful it has been in your work. And help to make it even better by sending us examples of good practice and information about locally based services that you find helpful.  Whoever provides it, whatever it is, if it works with the 50+ jobseeker, we would like to know. And then we will tell others in 50+ Works.

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