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Shaw Trust is a registered charity with extensive local community links. This means we can help your business find the right staff, save money and give something back to the community – all free of charge.
Staff turnover is considered an inevitable part of doing business but few employers realise how poor engagement and retention directly impact the bottom line.
Shaw Trust works with employers of all sizes to provide them with enthusiastic, committed staff through our no-cost recruitment service. Our candidates are disabled and non-disabled individuals who are trained, enthusiastic and ready to work. They are pre-screened and shortlisted based on competencies, ability, temperament, skills, experience and attitude. Candidates include those looking for full-time work as well as those looking for part-time and seasonal employment.

"95% of the employers who use our service would recommend us"

We listen carefully to your requirements so that we can provide your business with the personnel you need from our unique talent pool of candidates. We can deliver pre-employment training plans based on your needs and work trials to allow you and the potential employee to try out the role before committing. We can also host recruitment days and conduct interviews at our offices if helpful.

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In addition, our staff are happy to do work experience to gain first-hand knowledge of the role. We share this with candidates to ensure they are ready to enter your workplace confidently and with an awareness of your expectations.

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Whatever your company needs, our flexible service can help. Shaw Trust’s work is important because jobs help to provide brighter futures. We believe everyone has the right to work. Jobs mean people can earn a living, avoid debt, be more independent and participate more fully in society.

“Without Shaw Trust I’d never have got back on my feet. Experiencing the world of work again after so long, and being able to spend time doing something I love, has done me the world of good.” (Shaw Trust client)
By working with Shaw Trust, you can benefit from taking on employees who will contribute positively to your company and create a more diverse workplace while also giving back to your local community. Everyone wins.
Advice and guidance for employers
Some employers have concerns regarding absenteeism due to ill health when taking on disabled employees. We address these concerns through our absence management service. Our Creating Your Future condition management programme is a cognitive behavioural provision emphasising a self-help approach, including SMART action planning and goal setting strategies in order to achieve behaviour changes that will support the employee in the workplace or facilitate a return to work.
We don’t disappear once you’ve taken your new employee, but remain on hand to provide support and advice for as long as it may be required.
Accessibility services
Shaw Trust provides accessibility services to employers, to help make companies more accessible to staff and to customers. We are one of the UK's top providers of website accessibility and physical access services.
Training and consultancy
We can deliver training to help your staff make any adjustments to they may need to their working life as a result of an illness or a disability.
We also train staff teams so that they are confident in supporting and communicating with disabled colleagues.
Additionally, Shaw Trust provides training on awareness of responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.
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The disabled and non-disabled people we work with are committed to work and can make a positive difference to your business. And you can make a positive difference to their lives.
To find out more, please email us on employers@shaw-trust.org.uk (opens in new window).


Shaw Trust Services for Employers
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