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Advice for Employers on Tackling Mental Health

Positively Dealing With Mental Ill Health

In Your Workplace...

Discover a positive approach to dealing with mental health in the workplace.  

These web pages provide easy to follow advice and guidance on how to support employees with mental health conditions.

Supporting staff with mental ill-health

As a busy line manager with targets and deadlines it can be a pretty daunting feeling trying to support your team members who are dealing with mental health issues, especially when you are not a doctor or a counsellor.

But don’t worry, supporting staff with mental health issues is not as difficult as you think. In fact, it is just about being a good line manager.

Firstly let’s bust some of the myths surrounding mental ill health.


Mental ill health is rare

Nearly three in every ten employees will have a mental health problem in any year*

Mental ill health is scary and difficult to deal with

There are loads of solutions on this website, and many like flexible working hours are easy to implement and cheap to do so, and can make all the difference.

There are many organisations offering a range of training and consultancy services and options available to help you tackle mental health in your workplace.