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What Support is Available?

What Type of Support is Available to Me?

What Support Is Available To Me?

If you work in a large company talk to your internal occupational health or HR Manager to find out what internal support systems are in place for you as the manager. Look at some of the guidance given here internal support and your company policy.

There are external organisations who can support you by running training sessions with your staff helping them understand mental health issues better, creating a more supportive working environment. Bringing in a consultant to work with your senior managers will help your organisation understand the wellbeing of staff. Offering one on one support to employees who are dealing with mental health conditions from an external support worker will help both the employee and you. For more information on these services email us at mentalhealth@shaw-trust.org.uk

If you're a small employer the links below could also be really useful

Access to Work (link opens in new window) - This government run scheme supplies advice, information and pays some grants towards costs of employing a disabled person. (Some people with mental health issues may be seen as disabled in law.) In certain circumstances Access to Work may help pay for a support worker to help with an employee's support needs.

Work Choice (Opens in new tab or window) is a programme which can also provide some support where someone's continued employment might be at risk.

These programmes are run by Shaw Trust and other providers.