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Employer Volunteers

Shaw Trust's corporate volunteering activities and opportunities

Employer-supported volunteering with Shaw Trust

Employer-supported volunteering is a powerful way to involve your whole staff team in doing something positive for the local community.

Shaw Trust Employee Volunteering

To open the video about Employee Volunteering, please click the image above or visit employee volunteering at Shaw Trust (open in new tab or window).
Opportunities for employer-supported volunteering

Many organisations, as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes, offer their teams the opportunity to volunteer. Shaw Trust offers a range of volunteering opportunities to our employer-supported volunteering partners, from one day workshops to a more regular commitment.
Employer-supported volunteers can provide regular support to Shaw Trust’s clients in the same way that individual volunteers do. That means they can help to run our charity retail shops and social enterprises, as well as volunteering to work directly with our clients.

Client-facing work can include activities such as mentoring, coaching or help with the development of basic skills, computer skills or interview skills. Employer-supported volunteering can also include providing work experience and employment opportunities for Shaw Trust clients.
We’ve got plenty of ideas about how employer-supported volunteering can be a positive and engaging experience for your organisation.
You can email (opens in new window) or call 0300 247 2222 for further details of how your organisation can help to make the world a better place by volunteering in partnership with Shaw Trust.
Shaw Trust Employer-led Volunteering