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Shaw Trust's Fundraising activities


Shaw Trust is a registered charity. Fundraising has an important role to play in the work that we undertake.
Your fundraising activities can make a big difference to the support that we provide to our clients. Every pound you raise means we can provide bigger and better services and reach out to more individuals, reinvesting in local communities to create brighter futures.
For example, funds raised by the 2015 Shaw Trust marathon runners went towards the opening of a new, vibrant, interactive playground at Walton Hall Academy for students with special educational needs, including moderate or severe learning difficulties and a range of other difficulties.
Last year Walton Hall Academy had to condemn their old playground equipment as it was unfit for use following a health and safety inspection and had to be dismantled. The original playground equipment had been installed for younger children and, as well as being old, was not appropriate for the current age range of their students.

The new playground, funded in part by Shaw Trust’s fundraising efforts, was greeted with enthusiasm by the students. Pauline Carmichael, Academy Principle, commented:
“Seeing the faces and hearing the shrills of delight during the first break time after the Easter holidays was so moving! I wish everyone who helped us achieve this target could have been there to witness it. Thank you to everyone who helped us to achieve our goal.”
The new playground gives students opportunities to socialise and develop invaluable interpersonal skills through play. Some students have dyspraxia and other mobility problems. Using playground equipment helps to improve their balance, gross motor skills and mobility, leading to increased self-confidence and self-esteem. For students with autism, social interaction is a real difficulty so having the opportunity to learn these skills through play skills is essential. Principle Carmichael added:
“The opportunity to expend energy in a safe, structured environment is beneficial for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and we know from our own experience that engagement in learning is greater after physical activity. Socialisation can carry on after the activity into the classroom and the skills learned from participation in team games enables students to work cooperatively in the classroom.”
Donate now
You can support the work of Shaw Trust by donating to us – please visit our donating page for full details.
You can also apply to run the London Marathon on behalf of Shaw Trust and raise sponsorship money in that way. We have places available, so please contact us for an application pack.
For more great fundraising ideas and details of how to set up an online fundraising page and manage social media in relation to your efforts, please download our fundraising pack or contact us. 
Major donors
If you are a philanthropist looking for a way to make a difference to your local community, support a national project or even fund a programme overseas, we would love to hear from you. There are many ways that you can get involved in our work and make a positive impact on society. Please contact our fundraising team for further details.

Charity shop fundraising
Shaw Trust’s retail shops are an important part of our charitable fundraising activities. So you can support the work of Shaw Trust simply by visiting one of our retail shops. We use the funds raised to reinvest in the communities in which we operate, including supporting those we serve towards brighter futures. Visit the retail section for more about our charity shops 
Corporate fundraisers
If your company would like to support the work of Shaw Trust, there are many ways that you can help. This can include raising funds for the charity or giving staff time to help support our clients. Please visit our employer-led volunteering page for further details.
Fundraising standards
Shaw Trust takes an honest and open approach to fundraising. This means that our fundraisers can be clear about where the money they raise will be spent and what it will help to achieve.
People raising funds for Shaw Trust are giving their time and expertise freely and the charity is grateful for any and all support provided. In return, we pledge to treat our fundraisers with appreciation and respect and to be accountable for how we use the money that they raise. We also pledge to protect their data and privacy and comply with the contact methods that each individual specifies.
Please contact us for more details on our fundraising standards, to ask more about fundraising or to start raising funds for Shaw Trust. We look forward to hearing from you.
Shaw Trust Fundraising
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