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Shawvengers Take on Inclusive Superhero Triathlon

18 August 2017

The first ever Superheroes Triathlon is taking tomorrow at Dorney Lake, Windsor. We spoke to three members of the Shaw Trust staff who are taking part. 

Meet the Shawvengers: Adam Tolmie, Team Leader; and Jenny La Rocque, National Employer Manager and Charlene Fletcher, In Work Support Adviser on why they chose to enter to compete in superhero costumes to raise money for Shaw Trust, how they're using their super powers to overcome their triathlon related fears.

If you would like to show your support, there's still time to sponsor them: (opens in a new tab a new window).

Charlene (swimmer)

I'm taking part for three reasons. I love triathlons having got into doing them this year. I want to do an open water swim, as I haven't done one yet. And most importantly it's for a really worthy cause.
My training has been a bit hit and miss, as I am training for other events at the same time, but my biggest challenge has been getting into open water! I'm slightly ashamed to admit it but I'm terrified of sea creatures and water zombies! Irrational, I know, but when I get in the water all I can think of is that something is grabbing my feet and dragging me down! So for me, training for an open water swim is the biggest challenge. As is being seen in public in a wetsuit! That said I am really looking forward to it, especially as it's a team effort. I just hope I can do Adam and Jenny proud by putting in a good swim time to get us started!

Adam (cyclist)
I am super competitive. But I've not been doing a great deal of exercise at home and I needed something to give me focus. A team activity suits me - knowing others depend on me makes me do what I am supposed to do. This event was originally overlooked because I do not do swimming but then I set about finding a team. I was relieved when Jenny and Charlene have opted in. We get on well so it has been easy to get motivated. We talk about the event often and I am genuinely excited as they too are both competitive.

My training has come along nicely. Although I do not enjoy jogging, I have been for six runs recently. Not a lot, I know, but please appreciate I live in very hilly part of Portsmouth! I have also started pre-season for my football team so kicking a pig skin has been helpful. And once a week I cycle in to the office. I am also getting on the bike of an evening instead driving which is now a nice little change in my life that I shall be continuing.
This event will help us put Shaw Trust out there a little more and show that we have good people and what we do is important. The charity is expanding in to new ventures and I am keen to be a part of this change and I feel good about raising money to help others. Raising funds is a little difficult, because I have been planning another charity event which has had me beg, plead and bribe everyone I know to help, but I'm confident we can meet our target.

I'm looking forward to getting on the bike in my Captain America outfit and riding like the wind to help my team get the best time possible but mainly to have a bit of fun and see how I look in tight shorts!

Jenny (runner)
I guess deep down taking part in a sporting event has always been on my bucket list. The last time I did anything like that was probably when I played for the ladies cricket team about 15 years ago! Last year I was meant to take part in a half marathon but had to pull out due to an injury. 

Like Adam, I initially swerved the original email requests to take part in the triathlon because those who know me well know I can't swim. I fear being in open water areas if I cannot feel the bottom. The idea of going on a cruise sends shivers and as for boat parties, many have tried but it's a flat no every time! So I opted for the 5k run and thank you Charlene for stepping up to be our swimmer!

However, I do quite like running outdoors to be at one with Mother Nature and view the beautiful scenery… Yeah right, actually my route is running around Acton, London so maybe not quite so scenic. Training is going ok, with visits to the gym two-three times a week or a home workout. I am also very competitive so have set my own personal time to finish my 5k. Last weekend I managed to shave off two minutes, so I'm getting closer to my goal.

We decided on the name Shawvengers, because like the Marvel Avengers we are a fierce team to contend with but also our aim is to serve and support the community, and all things of a worthy cause – just like Shaw Trust.    

Go Shawvengers!
If you have been inspired by their efforts sponsor them: (link opens a new window).

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