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Gordon's got IT #OneMillionStories

15 February 2019

Gordon is a Work and Health Programme customer who has several health conditions/disabilities and no work experience other than working with wood. Through regular reviews with Gordon’s adviser it was clear he had a passion for carpentry and loved being creative.

To address some of Gordon’s barriers his adviser got him onto an IT course, the provider kindly gave him a refurbished laptop to work on. His IT skills are improving day by day. Gordon also attended the Salvation Army as one of our supply chain partners to develop his confidence and overcome barriers and fears about trying new things.

Following the success of the support Salvation Army provided in building Gordon’s confidence, his adviser started looking at a volunteer placement at ASAN Wood Saints, this is a big step forward for Gordon. He continued to excel in his IT skills and confidence and his placement provider noticed how well he worked, he was reliable and demonstrated a high level of skill. His manager was so impressed an opportunity come about to gain some funding to employ a member of the volunteers.

His manager instantly identified Gordon to be the most competent worker and offered him paid work two days a week. Gordon was chuffed with this and couldn’t believe he was now getting paid to do something he loves.
Gordon currently does two days paid work and two volunteering days, with a possible third paid day a week coming up in the near future.

Gordon said: "I'm so pleased I signed up for the Work and Health programme, the programme and my adviser has been a great support for me not only helping me to find paid work but also overcoming my barriers." 

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