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Shaw Trust Employer Wins ERSA Award 2017

23 June 2017
Shaw Trust employer, Clacket Lane services have won this year’s ERSA SME of the Year Employability award. The award recognises a small or medium employer who has demonstrated exceptional commitment in creating opportunities for disadvantaged and long-term unemployed jobseekers.
The ERSA Employability awards, now in their 5th year, are designed to celebrate and champion best practice from across the employment related services sector, highlighting the hard work and dedication of individuals and organisations working together to help job seekers in their journey towards or into employment.
Clacket Lane services is not only one of Shaw Trust’s longest serving employers, but is one of the longest serving employers in the Welfare to Work sector.
For over 8 years they have been recruiting employees in partnership with Shaw Trust, from the New Deal across the entire evolution of the Work Programme. Over this time they have continued to recruit, train, and promote long term unemployed and disabled people who have felt that employment was outside the realm of possibilities.
They encourage development, training and mentoring and have supported a number of Shaw Trust customers to become team leaders, supervisors and managers.
Clacket Lane services and Shaw Trust share a goal, and that goal is to help long term and disabled people to lead independent lives and after 8 consecutive years, they continue to hire candidates on the Work Programme, consistently delivering an extremely positive journey for our Shaw Trust customers.

Jenny La-Roque, National Employer Manager at Shaw Trust commented,

Clacket Lane services are a fantastic example of an organisation who are committed to improving lives and transforming communities. Some of our clients who come to us are very vulnerable, they have been out of work for a while and have very little self-confidence. Knowing there are organisations like Clacket Lane who we know and trust will provide a warm and supportive environment in which our clients can grow and feel valued is absolutely critical to their journey to a more inclusive life."

Jenny went on to say, "Without employers like them Shaw Trust would never reach our vision of transforming lives and creating brighter futures. I am absolutely delighted they have won this award, it is well deserved.
A snapshot of the Clack Lane services special recruitment journey:
  1. A hiring manager first meets with client at our Shaw Trust centre where they connect with candidates and provide them with a warm introduction prior to the interview stage.
  2. They provide a bus service for clients who face transport barriers to attend group work trials at no extra cost.
  3. They provide opportunities to re-interview candidates after providing positive feedback during the initial interview.
  4. And finally, they work alongside Shaw Trust to ensure they provide the best in-work support so as many individuals as possible can stay in quality employment.

By winning this award Clacket Lane services are being recognised for their long standing dedication to helping long term unemployed and disabled people.
Benjamin Ball, Recruitment Coordinator for Clacket Lane services commented,

 “We are delighted to have won this ERSA Award 2017. We enjoy working alongside Shaw Trust as we are both committed to creating opportunities for disadvantaged and long-term unemployed jobseekers by encouraging, developing, training and mentoring a number of Shaw Trust candidates to become team leaders, supervisors and managers.”
About ERSA and the ERSA Awards
Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) is the representative body for the employment support sector.
For more information about ERSA and the awards please visit (opens in a new window)
For more information on Clacket Lane Motorway Services  (opens in a new window) or email
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