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Doing Good is Good for You

21 June 2018
Benefits of giving to others on your wellbeing - based on the evidence
Giving to others can really enhance your overall health and wellbeing and has a good evidence base to back it up. The Mental Health Foundation has reviewed the evidence associated with ‘giving to others’ and identified some of the key benefits to a person’s health & wellbeing…
  1. Helping others to feel good
Putting others first, also known as ‘Altruism’ can provide positive psychological changes in the brain associated with happiness
  1. Brings a sense of belonging and reduces isolation
Helps provide a role for an individual and can offer a number of socialising opportunities
  1. Helps to keep things in perspective
Helping others who are in need, can show other people’s circumstances and difficulties they face, can be worse than your own
  1. Helps make the world a happier place
Giving to others can make you happy and happiness is contagious!
  1. The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself
It can help increase motivation to do other activities you need to or want to do
  1. Reduces stress
Helping others makes you feel better about yourself and will promote good mental health. Doing something you enjoy, like volunteering helps this.
  1. Helps get rid of negative feelings
It can provide a distraction or a constructive outlet for any negative feelings you are experiencing
  1. It can help us live longer
As it promotes overall good health & well being
Other ways of giving to others:
Random act of kindness such as:
  • Check on someone you know who is going through a bad time
  • Make a cup of tea for your colleagues
  • Bake a cake for your colleagues
  • Smile and say hello to people you pass every day, but do not know
Doing something for a good cause:
  • Raise money for a charity which means something to you
  • Sign up to receive social media or newsletter updates about a charity and take an interest in what they are doing and achieving
  • Try a big challenge to raise money  by doing a marathon or an endurance event
  • If you are knowledgeable about a health condition share this with someone you know who has the condition
  • Help a younger person with their studies or a new hobby they want to learn
  • Support an older person to access community activities to help reduce loneliness
Find something you enjoy doing to help benefit others and help improve your overall health & wellbeing!

Doing Good is Good for You

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