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Meet Ferrelyn

05 November 2018

Ferrelyn is a registered nurse but due to ill health has not been in this profession for some time. Her main aim while with Shaw Trust is to go back to employment, but she was aware that other areas may need addressing first.

When Ferrelyn first came into Shaw Trust she explained she was struggling to engage with people in her communal living areas. She was also struggling to manage her mental health. Her main barrier to work is her confidence and mental health.

Ferrelyn worked with Lisa. Together they looked at different avenues to help her including going to the library to develop social support networks. As well as engaging with our health and wellbeing team.
Ferrelyn struggled to come in for a little while so Lisa swapped the location of her appointments to be closer to home. Ferrelyn felt like no one was listening to her so together they filled out the application to wellbeing together. The health and wellbeing team suggested Moodjuice for online CBT.

Together Lisa and Ferrelyn developed a CV and started talking about competencies to try and keep moving forward while waiting for support. This has boosted her confidence and helped her realise her potential and what she can do once she has mental health support in place. Ferrelyn is now more aware of her ‘red flags’ and is working on recognising them better with the wellbeing service.

Ferrelyn said: “I like the holistic approach as I am treated as a whole person. Looking at the whole person has made me feel more like a whole person. It has helped me realise the working world has changed since I last worked and I can get more emotional support than I have had in the past which will be beneficial to me. I am now also aware I can look at the whole area of the caring profession rather than in one or two areas. I can find my own niche area in this sector to enjoy.

"Getting support with my mental health with the wellbeing team has changed my life. Realising there is a reason for my mental health has been a huge change.

"Also living with Shaw Trust in my life has given me motivation. With ongoing appointments and support, work is now always on my mind. It is good to have an appointment there for motivation”.

Shaw Trust has a number of mental health and wellbeing services. click here for more info:

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