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Getting Back on Track

20 September 2017

Get Back on Track Shaw Trust

“I had been signed-off work by my GP, it had been 4 weeks. I wasn’t sure how to speak to my manager about what I needed to do to return to work and just couldn’t see a way back. Kemi and Daniel helped me design a very realistic phased return-to-work plan based on my needs and provided the practical and emotional support during that very difficult time. I’m now back at work part-time and feeling good. “

Kemi Sanusi and Daniel Richards are Shaw Trust’s very experienced and extremely competent Get Back on Track Employment Retention Specialists.They work with individuals who have been signed-off work, are struggling to see a way back in and are worried about what it might mean for their employment and career. 

The reasons for some people being signed-off are as varied as the types of job they perform and the companies they work for. For some, life has thrown an unexpected obstacle in their way, they are experiencing anxiety, are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. Others are having problems with their employers, experiencing bullying,trying to decide whether to submit a grievance; or it may be that they just don’t feel there is enough support from their manager.
Kemi and Daniel look at the individual’s circumstances, map out a bespoke plan to support them on their journey back to work – and crucially – stick with them until they are back on track and feeling good again.
We asked Kemi and Daniel what their advice would be for people who find themselves in this situation.
Conversation really is the key. If you are experiencing problems at work, the starting point should be to attempt to speak with the appropriate people at work to find a resolution. If that isn’t working, write to the person and politely set out the issue and offer reasonable suggestions for its resolution. It is always best to explore this approach in full before escalating the issue through a grievance procedure, which can create even more stress and may prematurely limit your options.
Try to maintain perspective on things and don’t allow problems at work to interfere with enjoying your life. Lastly, don’t go through it alone and remember that Get Back on Track is here to help and guide you because we understand that work is difficult for everybody at some point.  
Everyone is prone to stress. There is never a situation that you will be faced with that is not new, difficult or scary. It is normal to be anxious about change, it is normal to feel sad about something unexpected. It is how we deal with these situations that makes us stronger for the next time it happens. I find that we know the answers to our issues deep within but we just need someone to help us find it. Take pride in knowing that you are the expert in your situation and only you can solve your problems.
About Get Back on Track
Get Back on Track is a FREE service designed to support individuals*  at risk of becoming unemployed due to ill health.
Eligibility criteria*
  • Must be registered with an Islington GP
  • Be in work but signed off by your GP/ have a “Fit note”
  • Would benefit from additional support to help you get back to work
Email  or contact us on tel 0800 389 0177
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