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Read Thiehodore's story

27 September 2018

I had been out of work since June 2013, actively looking for work but nothing came about. I lacked confidence in interviews, although I had the experience it was difficult for me to articulate what I wanted to say. I would feel anxious and choke up to the point where I thought there was no point in going for interviews anymore as I knew I wouldn’t get the job.

I was referred to the Work and Health Programme in May, I had been out of work for so long that at this point I was willing to try anything. I met with Dominic who became my support manager. He helped me work through some things, build my confidence and said he could get me into work without me going through a job interview.

I attended a group session with Duro, he told me about a new gardening centre that was opening up in Willesden, he said he had a relationship with the manager who was looking for someone that was hardworking and had the ability to work on their own. I thought to myself - I could do that. Duro said I would have the opportunity to prove myself with a work trial followed by a friendly chat with the manager which took away my interview anxiety.

Dominic was able to help me get interview attire, so not only did I look the part I also felt the part. On 25 June, I was offered the job, which brought an end to my five-year spell of unemployment. I would like to say a huge thank you to Dominic, my support manager, for all the help and support along the way and also to Duro for making the process so easy and straightforward.

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