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Building our Industrial Strategy - Our Green Paper Response

19 April 2017
Shaw Trust has responded to the government’s Green Paper on ‘Building our Industrial Strategy.’ We welcome many of the commitments made in the strategy, including its commitment to skills, innovation and growth. However, in Shaw Trust’s view the strategy is missing an eleventh pillar: lifelong careers advice and work experience for all.

Without the government putting in place robust careers advice, particularly for young disabled people, young people may struggle to make the transition from school and into a job that acts as a stepping stone to a successful career.

Similarly, without access to paid work experience, young people, including young disabled people may lose a competitive edge in the labour market.

If the government wants to achieve its ambitions to drive social mobility and achieve sustainable growth it should develop a comprehensive plan to develop a lifelong careers strategy, and work with all young people, particularly young disabled people to help them gain the valuable work experience they need to build their own sustainable careers. You can read our response in full here.

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