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/ Overview / News / August 2016 / Shaw Trust Rated a ‘Strong’ Welfare Provider by DWP

Shaw Trust Rated a ‘Strong’ Welfare Provider by DWP

19 August 2016
An audit undertaken by the Department for Work and Pensions has praised Shaw Trust’s professionalism and internal processes for providing value for taxpayers’ money.
Shaw Trust was subject to a Provider Assurance Team (PAT) audit conducted by Department for Work and Pension officials. This audit reviews systems of internal control that Contracted Employment Provision (CEP) providers have in place. During a PAT audit, CEP providers undergo a rigorous assessment of their governance, risk management and other control arrangements to ensure taxpayer funded contracts are being administered properly.
The PAT process is complete and Shaw Trust is delighted to announced that auditors have awarded the charity a ‘strong’ rating. This rating is significant because the PAT team examines all Department for Work and Pensions CEP providers. Shaw Trust is one of only three other providers rated strong out of the 23 organisations which have been inspected by PAT.
Roy O’Shaughnessy, Shaw Trust’s Chief Executive, said:
“Shaw Trust is delighted to be recognised by the Department for Work and Pensions as a strong provider of welfare to work contracts. This is a great achievement and thanks must go to all of our staff who worked hard to make sure we deliver the best possible services. We have shown that the third sector is more than capable of delivering government contracts to the highest possible standards.”

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