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RI World Congress Agrees US Media Partner

03 June 2016

ABILITY Magazine, a US based publication, is forming a media partnership with Shaw Trust to promote the Rehabilitation International (RI) World Congress.

RI and Shaw Trust are delighted to work with ABILITY Magazine, which is consistently ranked in the top 50 magazines across the world.

The purpose of the RI World Congress is to advocate empowerment and inclusion for disabled people across the world. RI member organisations from over 100 countries will meet and debate issues with leaders from across the academic world, multi-national organisations and senior politicians from a range of nations. Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, has kindly agreed to be the World Congress Patron.

Founded in 1922, RI is a global network promoting the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities or health problems. It created the International Symbol of Access in 1969 and led the original campaign for the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

More than 1,000 delegates will attend the World Congress over the three day event between the 25th and 27thof October this year. Shaw Trust, a national disability, employment, learning and skills charity, is hosting the event at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, a world-class venue in the heart of Scotland's capital.

ABILITY Magazineis a strong supporter of the RI World Congress' aim to promote empowerment so that people from all abilities and backgrounds can achieve their life ambitions.

For more information about RI and to book a place at this year's congress, visit the Rehabilitation International World Congress website (opens in new tab or window).

Visit the ABILITY Magazine website (opens in a new tab or window) to read the lasted edition.

Roy O'Shaughnessy, Chief Executive of Shaw Trust, said:

"ABILITY Magazine is a highly respected international publication that understands the importance of promoting the rights and well-being of disabled people. They are an ideal US media partner and Shaw Trust looks forward to working with them to deliver the best ever Rehabilitation International World Congress.

"Shaw Trust is delighted to be hosting Rehabilitation International World Congress in Scotland - a country committed to equality, with a history of tackling social exclusion head on. We look forward to facilitating an open dialogue between world leaders on how to improve the lives of people with disabilities."

Chet Cooper, Founder of ABILITY Magazine, said:

"ABILITY Magazine's similar mission of building greater awareness through Affirmative Disability Action is a perfect match to support the Rehabilitation International World Congress via Shaw Trust and Rehabilitation International - two outstanding organisations focusing on inclusivity."

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