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Shaw Trust Supports Disabled Access Day

10 March 2017
Shaw Trust is proud to support Disabled Access Day, the national campaign to celebrate and raise the profile of disabled access, which takes place from 10th -12th March 2017.

Imagine if you couldn’t get into restaurant because someone put a physical barrier up in front of you. You could see your friends inside having a great time, but you were excluded. Or perhaps you wanted to join an online forum; you could see everyone interacting but your comments were blocked. How would this make you feel?
Thousands of disabled people feel this way every day. Luckily, we, and other people and organisations are tackling those barriers head on. Join us today to celebrate Disabled Access Day, and help focus attention on what accessibility challenges still exist in everyday life. Use the hashtag #inclusiveworld on social media.

Shaw Trust accessibility activity

Shaw Trust is committed to improving accessibility and to creating a truly inclusive world for all. A particular focus is tackling digital exclusion as more and more essential services move online.
We work closely with many organisations across the UK to ensure their services are open to the widest possible audience. And we also practice what we preach which is why we are very proud to have achieved the highest rating of triple AAA for accessibility on this, our website
Shaw Trust is also working hard to develop the “Shaw Trust Standard” which will provide a blueprint for a minimum accessibility requirement across our services and digital platforms.

In time, we hope to embed these standards in our partner organisations and become a “leader” in accessibility and inclusion, so no one is left out in the cold.

For more information on The Shaw Trust Standard please contact (opens in new window).
For more information about Shaw Trust Accessibility Services please contact (opens in new window)
For more information about Disabled Access Day, e-mail (opens in new window) or contact the sponsor Euan’s Guide at (opens in new window).

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