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New Skills Partnership Announced with Ixion Holdings

10 May 2016

Shaw Trust and Ixion Holdings, a subsidiary of Anglia Ruskin University, have announced the formation of a new skills and training joint venture. The new company, Shaw Trust Anglia Ruskin Skills Limited (STAR), will combine Ixion's and Shaw Trust's skills activities to create a new and innovative skills provider. Both Shaw Trust and Ixion Holdings will remain separate organisations, retaining full independent control of their other contracts and divisions.

STAR Skills Limited aims to be the leading not-for-profit provider of skills and apprenticeships in the United Kingdom, providing quality services to the employers and clients that it will serve.

Its vision is to transform people's lives through skills. STAR Skills Limited is committed to helping shape the skills sector, drive the economic growth of employers through skills and to transform more people's life chances through the use of skills development. This will enable individuals to get a job and to enhance their career development through skills.

Shaw Trust and Ixion Holdings

STAR Skills Limited will start operations on 1st August 2016. The Chief Executive Officer of STAR Skills Limited will be John Govett and his Co-Chairman is Peter Holmes, a Trustee and Board Member of Shaw Trust.

Visit the website for more information on Star Skills Limited (opens in new tab or window).

Roy O'Shaughnessy, Chief Executive of Shaw Trust, said:

"Shaw Trust is delighted with the new joint company as it will allow greater opportunity to play a leading national role in vocational skills and apprenticeships. The new joint company complements Shaw Trust's mission to ensure all abilities and backgrounds can secure sustainable employment, helping more people to develop the right skills for work. This will all be achieved on a not-for-profit basis, with surpluses being reinvested in people and communities. The new company will drive innovation in the skills sector and prepare more people to transform their lives through successful employment."

Adam Sharples CB, Chairman of Ixion Holdings (Contacts) Ltd, said:

"Ixion and Shaw Trust make perfect partners because we share the same mission to transform lives and the same ambition to widen our impact. We look forward to STAR Skills winning major new skills contracts over the coming years." 

Professor Iain Martin, Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, said:

"Both Ixion's and Shaw Trust's growth and reputation over the last few years has been impressive. In this major area that is constantly changing and adapting to government policy in the skills and education sector, the joint venture partnership in skills will bring benefits to both organisations, those commissioning projects and ultimately, and most importantly, to those using the services that will be provided." 

John Govett, Chief Executive (STAR Skills Ltd) and Group Chief Executive Officer (Ixion Holdings Contracts Ltd), said:

"At the heart of our strategic thinking, the new skills joint venture between Ixion and Shaw Trust will bring a cutting edge new partnership that will have the ability to swiftly change curriculum, a skills offer to meet labour market requirements and understanding of the need to create a learning environment suited to people of all abilities and backgrounds."

"STAR Skills Limited will also challenge traditional boundaries in learning and will work with key stakeholders to produce employer based, classroom, blended and distance learning solutions to meet future demand. It will develop a strong track record, stature, prudent financial control, innovative IT infrastructure and a quality skill set that the combined Shaw Trust and Ixion Board's feel will lead the skills industry and be for the benefit of learner and employer outcomes."                                                                                        


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