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Shaw Trust Acquires The Prospects Group

30 November 2017
Shaw Trust acquires the Prospects Group

Following a close working relationship over a number of months, Shaw Trust is delighted to announce the formal merger of the Prospects Group into Shaw Trust as of today – Thursday 30th November.
Shaw Trust is a national charity working to create brighter futures for the people and communities we serve. Shaw Trust provides employment services, skills development training and health and wellbeing support to 50,000 people across the UK each year.

Prospects joins Shaw Education Trust, Ixion, Forth Sector, Disabled Living Foundation and Shaw Trust in forming the Shaw Trust Group. The newly-formed Group employs almost 3,200 staff and has a combined turnover of £250 million.

Commenting on the merger, Roy O’Shaughnessy, Chief Executive of the Shaw Trust Group, said “This marks a very special day on our journey to transform the lives of one million young people and adults each year by 2022. We deliver services for a range of government departments and local authorities, and as a charity we add value to every service we deliver by investing back into the communities we serve.

“I am delighted that Prospects has joined our Group. We deliver many complementary services and now, together, we can offer an even greater range of support to our customers.”

The Prospects Group operates across the UK in a wide variety of sectors, from children’s services and justice to education and employment and skills. It is also the leading provider of careers services for young people and adults in England.

Nick Bell, Chief Executive of the Prospects Group said “Prospects is excited about joining the Shaw Trust Group. We have a very similar mission and values to Shaw Trust, and the merger of our organisations will enable us to create new opportunities and inspire more young people and adults a year to develop their potential.”

This does not affect any of Shaw Trust’s or Prospects’ current partners or sub-contractors. All Prospects-related contracts remain as before with Prospects.


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