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Shaw Trust works in partnership with a diverse range of public, private and third sector organisations to create brighter futures for the people and communities we serve. This includes working with national commissioners like the Department for Work and Pensions and local authorities to deliver high quality employment, skills and health and wellbeing services to help local communities thrive. It also includes working with local delivery partners to expand the reach and expertise our services offer.

Shaw Trust works as a prime provider, subcontractor and joint venture partner: our service delivery models are individually built using the right partnerships to best support our clients’ needs. In addition to our UK-based work, our expertise is shared internationally through our joint ventures, run with Intergracia Foundation in Poland and Motivation Romania.

Working in partnership with Shaw Trust

Working in true partnership with organisations to deliver high quality services is crucial to Shaw Trust’s mission of helping individuals to lead independent and inclusive lives. We want to work with innovative partners with proven high performance and a strong presence in the communities they work in. We also look for opportunities for co-location, alignment of funding streams and complementary services to provide a better experience for the participant and a cost effective solution for commissioners.

How we work with our partners

Shaw Trust’s values underpin the way we work with our partners. We believe in working collaboratively with our partners, which is demonstrated by our Merlin Standard accreditation (you can read our full Merlin report (opens in new tab or window). This means we have recognised standards in place that ensure new partnerships are established and managed on a foundation of transparency, mutual respect, sharing and collaboration.


When looking for delivery partners to deliver new services, we use a two-stage procurement process. The process ensures that our delivery partners are ideally suited to working with Shaw Trust and our clients.

Firstly, we use the approved provider framework to evaluate organisations’ experience and track record of delivering innovative services to the individuals and communities we work with. Organisations can apply to join our approved provider framework by completing our standard expression of interest form (opens in new tab or window).

Once registered on the approved provider framework organisations can complete a stage two opportunity specific form to compete for any new tender opportunities that arise. Organisations will be invited to complete the stage two form based on their location, sector and specialism(s).


Where appropriate, submissions will be scored to select the best organisations to partner with.

Contact the Shaw Trust team

For further details of how to partner with Shaw Trust, including application forms for the above opportunities, please contact a member of the partnership team at (opens in new window).

Current partnership opportunities

Please visit:

Job Support Wales

Work and Health Programme

Additional future partnership opportunities will be uploaded once published.

Shaw Trust wishes to grow its diverse network of delivery partners to add value to its existing supply chain.  

 We are currently developing delivery models and invite new partners to express an interest in working with us.

We are keen to engage with experienced local partners who have the capacity to provide innovative and effective solutions that address employability, skills/training development, health conditions (physical, mental), and enterprise opportunities to help support the hardest to reach tackle the barriers they face with their progression towards social inclusion employment and independence.

As one of the leading not for profit providers of welfare to work, Shaw Trust understands the importance of working with a diverse network of suppliers from the Private, Public and Voluntary sector to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.

We are fully committed to working with local organisations who can deliver a high quality and responsive service to customers, local employers, stakeholders and communities.

Apply to join our approved provider framework