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Dundee Employment Pipeline

Partners Required

Dundee Employment Pipeline Services

Shaw Trust are considering bidding for the Dundee City Council opportunity to provide ESF Employability Pipeline Programmes. This is a is a multi-partnership approach to delivering a range of services that support eligible citizens in Dundee to progress towards, secure and sustain fair work OR assist those who are experiencing precarious employment / underemployment / low income employment.  In very general terms, pipeline support is aimed at citizens who: reside in Dundee; have the right to live & work in the UK; have at least two barriers to employment OR progressing in employment; and, are not attending a National Training Programme (e.g. Fair Start Scotland; Employability Fund).
The service is likely to include:
  • Participant Engagement, Assessment and Action Planning;
  • Specialist support to remove specific barriers to employment;
  • Support that assists those who are experiencing multiple barriers to progressing towards, securing and sustaining fair work (e.g. Volunteering; Accredited Qualifications; Work Placements; Employability Skills; Job Brokerage; In-Work Support); and,
  • Support that assists those who are experiencing precarious employment, underemployment and/or low income employment.
To express an interest in working with the Shaw Trust for this opportunity please complete the EOI here:
The EOI will remain open until Friday 28th September 2018.