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Everyone deserves to find a job they love. We stay with job-seekers every step of the way, empowering people and offering them opportunities to access the support and guidance they need to develop their potential, retrain, improve skills, find a job and build a rewarding career. We understand everyone is different and needs individual advice to find what is right for them.
Evidence shows that by helping people to develop their careers, build their confidence and improve their skills, their self-esteem improves as does health and wellbeing. And, as we know the labour market inside out, we also help employers find the right people for the right roles.

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What do we do?

There is something for everyone, depending on people’s needs and location.
Work and Health Programme is designed to improve employment outcomes for people with health conditions or disabilities, and those unemployed for more than two years. It is different from other programmes because it recognises everyone is unique and will have a different path to employment. People on the scheme get guidance, support and training to make finding a job easier, ultimately leading you into regular employment. This can also mean working together with employers to find the right opportunities and fill vacancies.
We are the largest prime provider of the scheme, with three contracts commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions. We deliver this programme in Central England, Home Counties, and West London contract areas.
We are also one of the largest providers of the National Careers Service. The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance for adults, and is funded by the Department for Education. As the prime contractor in London and the West Midlands and providing services in Yorkshire and the Humber we worked with more than 135,000 adults in 2017-18. We successfully helped more than 64,000 people into learning and/or work.
Shaw Trust also runs Harlow Works to help Harlow residents develop new skills and confidence while improving their salary prospects.
Another programme, called Specialist Employability Support, is a national service that helps unemployed disabled adults with complex needs gain skills to help them live independently and move into employment.
Some people dream of being their own boss, and we can also help make this dream come true. Our New Enterprise Allowance does exactly that: helps unemployed people set up their own us business across London and Home Counties.
Additionally, through the Greater London Authority and Education and Skills Funding Agency, we run a very a successful contract helping people to progress in work and addressing in-work poverty.
Overall across the employability operational area we are working with 150,000 adults each year with 54,500 achieving a positive outcome of a job, further learning, starting their own business or progressing in work each year.

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