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Age Management


EU Social Partners Reach Historic Agreement on Supporting Active Ageing

The EU Social Partners, comprising BusinessEurope, UEAPME, CEEP and the ETUC plus the liaison committee EUROCADRES/ CEC, have concluded an historic voluntary agreement on active ageing and an intergenerational approach “to make it  easier for older workers to actively participate and stay in the labour market until the legal retirement age, and at the same time make sure that measures are taken in order to ease inter-generational transitions in the context of high youth unemployment.”

This framework agreement lays a basis for collective bargaining and joint action at local, sector and company level to secure the kinds of changes that could realistically pave the way towards healthier, more secure, productive and longer working lives.


Published: March 2017


Negotiating Improvements for Working Carers of Adults

This report, written by Sheila Barrett of the University of Greenwich was produced in an EU partnership project including TAEN, the GFTU Educational Trust, Carers UK, Solidar, the University of Greenwich, the Polish trade union organisation OPZZ, the General Workers Union of Malta, the Balkan Institute and of course with funding provided by the Euriopean Commission. It hightlights approaches that can be made to dealing with the increasing problems faced by many older workers, seeking to continue in work whilst providing care to a family member. TAEN applied for an won the funding for this project, working in partnership with the GFTU.

Download the report Negotiating Improvements for the working carers of adults (PDF, 1.33MB downloads in new tab or window)

Publihsed: March 2017

Local economic strategies for ageing labour markets: The Life Skills Project in South Wales (Case study for the OECD)

The paper is a case study of Shaw Trust’s Big Lottery and ESF funded “Life Skills for Older Workers” project, in Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea South Wales. The paper was prepared by TAEN’s Chris Ball for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development task force for Local economic strategies for ageing labour markets, and is one of a series of international studies collected by the OECD on this theme.

 Download the working paper, Local economic strategies for ageing labour markets (PDF, 552KB, Download in new tab or window)

Published: March 2017

Pensions and Retirements

Older Workers and Migration

Presentation by Dr Martin Hyde, Associate Professor  of Gerontology, Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University, Given as a contribution to the TAEN/LSE Seminar on Older Workers’ Issues, 27th April 2017

Download the presentation on Older workers, migration and extending working lives (PDF, 1.04MB downloads in new tab or window)

Published: May 2017

Assessing the Portability of Social Security Benefits Policy Reflections from Four Migration Corridors Between EU and Non-EU Member States

Presentation by Professor Robert Holzmann Delivered at TAEN/ LSE Seminar on Older Workers and Migration, 27th April 2017

(Download the presentation Assessing the Portability of Social Security Benefits (PDF, 572KB, downloads in new tab or window)

Published: May 2017


To Our Good Health: Supporting the over 50s workforce to make healthier choices about alcohol (A practical, workplace guide)

This guide prepared by Addaction as part of its Big Lottery funded Drink Wise - Age Well project, gives timely and well informed advice to employers seeking to tackle the growing problems of alcohol mis-use among older employees. It is equally of interest to employee representatives or anyone concerned to enhance health an well-being of workers generally, but with partiuclar reference to the older worker.

(Download the guide TO OUR GOOD HEALTH (PDF 2,58MB downloads in new tab or window)

Published: January 2017

Career Guidance 

Changing places: Mid-career review and internal mobility

This report, authored by Jean-Marie Jungblut of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND) and published by the Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, is an authoritative study of career trajectories and transitions in later life. 

It examines the nature of arduous work, retention strategies for workers engaged in arduous work, the fundamentals of career counselling in later life and the practical solutions that are available to employers seeking to address the issue of how to retain and optimise the contributions of their ageing workforces. We live in a world where workers are expected to work longer but increasingly face hazards of “burn out,” wearing out, job alienation and disengagement which threaten the practical possibilities of longer work lives.

A series of case studies of mid career reviews, collected by Chris Ball of TAEN and drawn from international contacts, forms a substantial part of the report.

(Download the report Changing places: Mid-career review and internal mobility (PDF, 1,27MB downloads in new tab or window) 

Labour Market Statistics

June 2017 Older Workers Labour Market Statistics

Download the June 2017 Older Worker Labour Market Statistics (PDF, 128 KB downloads in new tab or window)

Published: June 2017

Older Workers Employment Statistics May 2017

Download the May 2017 Older Worker Employment Statistics (PDF, 132 KB downloads in new tab or window)