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Harlow Works


Harlow Works

A programme of employment support for working residents of Harlow to improve their current employment prospects.
  • Improve Salary Prospects
  • Develop new skills and build confidence
  • Explore new job opportunities

What is Harlow Works?

Harlow Works is a FREE service for local residents who are working but are on a low income and on
in-work benefits.

We work with you to develop the skills and confidence needed to increase your salary
or improve your working conditions.

We can coach you to:
Harlow Works to Get a Promotion
Get a promotion
Harlow Works to Earn More
Earn more
Harlow Works for Increased Paid Holiday
Get more paid holiday days
Harlow Works To Negotiate Better Working Hours
Negotiate better working hours
Harlow Works to Find a New Role with Your Current Employer
Find a new role with your current employer
Harlow Works to Find New Opportunities
Find new job opportunities

Referral Criteria:

To be eligible for Harlow Works you need to be:
  • A Harlow resident
  • Aged 18 or over
  • Currently in employment but still claiming in-work benefits*
* Benefits can include;
  • Universal credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Working tax credits

How does it work?

A typical Harlow Works journey:

Harlow Works - The Journey

How do I sign up?

You may have already been referred to us by your Job Centre Work Coach, in which case your Harlow Works Support Manager will be in touch. 

If you have not been referred to us but would like to learn more about Harlow Works, why not get in touch with us directly at:

Bushra Saleem
Tel : 07973870300

Programme Documents

Consent to share with multiple agencies (Word, 136KB)

Key Work Life Areas (PDF, 639 KB)
Harlow Works