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Shaw Trust Accessibility Service for Businesses

Accessibility services

Are you attracting all your potential customers?
Did you know 1 in 5 people may be excluded from accessing your business?
Shaw Trust provides accessibility services to help organisations improve their accessibility. We provide:
For full details please visit the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services website (opens in new tab or window).
The need for accessibility services
According to the Office of Disability Issues there are over 11.6 million disabled people in the UK who might be prevented from accessing goods, services and information.
Accessibility Services

Accessibility - the stats

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) estimates that 10 million people in the UK are disabled and their combined spending power is £212 billion per year.
In 2012, 46.3% of working-age disabled people were in employment. This means your premises and online applications should be accessible to your staff, to support the productivity of your workforce, as well as to your customers.
It makes good business sense to ask the experts for help to make sure you are making all the reasonable adjustments required to comply with the Equality Act 2010 (opens in new tab or window).
Making your business more accessible can:
  • Increase your income
  • Raise your profile
  • Make your company more competitive
  • Reduce your risk of legal costs

How can Shaw Trust help?
Accessibility and inclusion make business sense. We will work with your organisation to understand the current level of accessibility and help map out areas for improvement. We can then offer bespoke services to support you to make those improvements.
For further details, please visit the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services website (opens in new tab or window) or download the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services Directory 2016 (PDF, 362K, opens in new tab or window)
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